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Pineapple Cream

Pineapple Cream


The Pineapple Cream is amazing. A little more subtle on flavor in this particular batch, but incredibly enjoyable.


Rich in taste, incredibly smooth in texture. Unique in experience. 


This Pineapple Cream recipe is an "off white" chocolate containing natural pineapple flavors and actual freeze dried pineapple. The ingredients are mixed in and ground up so fine that you cannot taste or feel anything except incredibly smooth chocolate. So, there are no fruit pieces or chunks.

It is beloved by everyone who tries it and it is not at all like white chocolate as attested by many people who don't usually enjoy white chocolate. 


The recipe contains cocoa butter from Ecuador, whole milk powder, sugar and natural flavors.

We do use Sunflower lecithin to help our chocolate flow better in our manufacturing process.


What makes our bars unique:

We use a lot more non-sugar ingredients (in this case Cocoa butter, which is expensive) instead of the cheap sugar (which is cheap). It makes our chocolate less sweet and more intense in flavor otherwise. 

Additionally, we refine our chocolate for a long time and into very tiny particles, making it extra smooth and creamy, unlike what most people have ever had on their tongue before.


As a result, our chocolate is very flavorful, "rich in taste", and ridiculously smooth and creamy.  That's why Thor loves it and won't eat any other brand anymore! And if he loves it, then you should try it for sure.

Want to feel like Thor? Eat our chocolate! Yeah... Don't waste any more time... NOW!

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