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Our Story

I've been passionate about chocolate since I came to the United States from Germany nearly 30 years ago. That long ago, you couldn't find or buy any quality European-style chocolate in the US. I briefly worked on becoming an importer of Swiss-made chocolate and even considered manufacturing my own. The problem was that only very large-scale equipment was available, costing in excess of a million dollars, making it impossible for me to pursue it.


Finally, in 2020, my wife and I decided that is was time for us to jump in and experiment in making our own chocolate. Thanks to the recent small batch artisan chocolate movement in the US over the last decade or so, equipment has become much more affordable and several "chocolate pioneers" have blazed the way to enable smaller production of high quality chocolate. So, my dream of making my own high quality chocolate has finally come true and we were ready to begin in selling in 2023.

We're located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, and hope to bring you some of the best chocolate you've ever tasted. And we have Thor on our side!

Join in on our adventure and try some of the most amazing chocolate.

Thanks for supporting us.

Christian Becker

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