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Variety 10 pack

Variety 10 pack

$95.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price

** Unless otherwise specified from the choices below, for now the variety pack will include:

  • Pineapple Cream x 3
  • Ecuador 45% Milk x 4
  • Ghana + Ecuador 70% Dark x 3


NOTE: as of 12/2/23, the following are available to choose (may change quickly):

  • Pineapple Cream
  • Uganda 45% Milk (almost out)
  • Ghana + Ecuador 70% Dark
  • Keto/diabetic sugar free 50% Ecuador Milk



Soon will add Ecuador 45% Milk again.

Will also be replenishing Raspberry Cream and others soon.


** Please specify in the order comment AND send us a serate message on our site WHAT 10 bars you would like to have included.  Note that his is subject to availability. Not all bars that you would like may be available. Please check on our site which bars we currently have in stock before ordering and specifying your bars. If we run out by the time we get to your order, we will contact you to make substitutions. We reserved the right to make substitutions for any bars that are unavailable.


Please check each chocolate type for their own descriptions as this product offering is a variety pack and does not cover the nutrition information or details of each bar as these may vary in each pack.


We refine our chocolate for a long time and into very tiny particles, making it extra smooth and creamy, unlike what most people have ever had on their tongue before.


As a result, our chocolate is very flavorful, "rich in taste", and ridiculously smooth and creamy.  That's why Thor loves it and won't eat any other brand anymore! And if he loves it, then you should try it for sure.


Want to feel like Thor? Eat our chocolate! Yeah... Don't waste any more time... NOW!

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