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"KETO Milk" with Whey & Allulose

"KETO Milk" with Whey & Allulose


This bar is low carb/sugar and high in protein by replacing sugar with Allulose and whole milk with whey protein.

It is still rich in taste and incredibly smooth in texture. Unique in experience.


We've been told it's the best Keto/diabetic bar ever. Not by just anyone, but by actual people who eat keto/diabetic diets for losing weight or working out, or because they are diabetics. We have taste tested our recipe extensively and people really like this bar. We personally prefer the real sugar, real milk chocolate bars, but this is the next best thing if you're into keto.


The beans we use in this particular bar are from Ecuador.

(Side note on flavors and origins of beans: To be honest, we could give some kind of fancy description of what flavor notes you could expect. But we won't. You should try a few different origins and see what you like. They're all awesome and different. And tasting different beans from different origins is a real eye opener.)

Recipe contains 50% nibs + butter (cocoa solids). Hence our naming of the bar. 


What makes our bars unique:

This is a much more flavorful chocolate than most are used to from any main store brands, because we focus on nibs (cocoa beans) and butter (which are the most expensive ingredients) and add much less sugar (which is cheap) than other brands.  In this particular bar, we have replaced the sugar with Allulose to make it low/no carb. Technically, Allulose is required to be listed as a carb (even though your body can't digest it), but results in zero sugars added.

Additionally, we refine our chocolate for a long time and into very tiny particles, making it extra smooth and creamy, unlike what most people have ever had on their tongue before.


As a result, our chocolate is very flavorful, "rich in taste", and ridiculously smooth and creamy.  That's why Thor loves it and won't eat any other brand anymore! And if he loves it, then you should try it for sure.


Want to feel like Thor? Eat our chocolate! Yeah... Don't waste any more time... NOW!

Expected to ship by August 31

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